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Three Honduran men who claimed that they were awaiting the completion of repairs to their boat to leave Jamaica, were fined $5,000 each after they pleaded guilty to illegal entry in the St Elizabeth Parish Court last week.

The men, who claimed that their boat was damaged due to severe weather conditions, would each serve 20 days in prison if the fines were not paid.

Subsequent reports have indicated that the monies have been paid.

The court heard that the police, acting on information, arrested the Central American natives at a house in Lititz, St Elizabeth on October 15.

Through an interpreter in court on Wednesday, the men told the presiding judge that they were brought to the house after they were rescued at sea by individuals who were not named.

The men asserted that they were in the process of completing repairs to their boat in order to return home to Honduras, when they were arrested by the police.

It has not been established whether the men have since been deported to their homeland.

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