Boom Dandimite Is Dead

The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Former Scare Dem crew member Boom Dandimite died this morning in a hospital in the US after suffering a major relapse during his recovery from a terrible car accident in April.

“Boom Dandimite travelled to the US yesterday, but after he came off the plane, he fainted away. He started to foam at the mouth, so they rushed him to a hospital and he died this morning,” a source told Dancehall Mag.

“The US doctors say he had blood clots, all sorts of complications, he had pneumonia, and the doctors also said that a lot of his medical issues were ignored wherever he was being treated in Jamaica.”

The accident occurred on Half Way Tree road near a popular bakery in late April. Another rising deejay, Wilful Skilful, was also injured in the accident. Dandimite was hospitalised while Wilful Skilful was discharged and sent home. Days later, Boom Dandimite, whose real name is Herman Stewart, was discharged from the Kingston Public Hospital.

Wilful Skilful was distraught upon hearing the news.

“Bounty Killer told me that Boom fly gone to the US, and mi just wake and ah do some laundry and mi start get bear phone call say the man gone. Jah jah!” a tearful Wilful Skilful said.

Boom Dandimite, along with his friends Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler and Elephant Man formed the Scare Dem Crew back in the 1990s. The crew was closely aligned to Bounty Killer, who would take them on tours to ensure they gained exposure. They soon hit it big in the dancehall, scoring hits with songs such as Pure Gal and Many Many.

He was also slated to perform on Reggae Sumfest on July 21 as a part of the Boombox 90’s Badness along with the likes of General B, Harry Toddler, Jigsy King, Mega Banton, Nitty Kutchie, Silver Cat, and Tony Curtis.