Europe’s Gaia telescope grapples with stray light


The orbiting Gaia telescope will lose some performance because stray light is getting inside the observatory, the European Space Agency (Esa) says. But the impacts are likely to be very small, scientists believe, and the expectation is that all the mission’s chief objectives will still be met. Most of the unwanted light appears to be creeping around the giant shield Gaia uses to shade itself from the Sun. The “pollution” makes it harder for the observatory to see the faintest stars. “I must say this is not a major problem,” said Esa’s Gaia project manager, Guiseppe Sarri. “The point is the spacecraft is doing very well in terms of everything is working, and…

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Cuba and World Cup Fever - Havana Times

Cuba and World Cup Fever
Havana Times
HAVANA TIMES — There are practically no Cubans alive today who once directly enjoyed the one time Cuba has participated in a world soccer championship (in 1938, France), but the island still experiences strong passions during the World Soccer Cup ...