French President To Meet With Guadeloupe Officials Today


CaribWorldNews, PARIS, France, Thurs. Feb. 19, 2009: French President Nicolas Sarkozy is set to meet officials from Guadeloupe in Paris today.

The meeting comes following the death of one person following  month-long riots and strikes on the dependent French territory over the rise in the cost of living. The dead man has been identified as union official Jacques Bino, who was shot dead by armed youths at a barricade in Guadeloupe’s largest city, Pointe-a-Pitre.  The union has been calling for an increase in wages to match the cost of living.

`As of tomorrow I will receive the elected officials overseas to answer the anguish, the concern and the certain shape of despair of our compatriots of the territories overseas,` Sarkozy said on Wednesday.  The riots have also spread to Martinique, leading to many travelers cancelling travel to the French territories.

However, the Martinique Promotion Bureau said via a released interview with two travel writers on the island on Wednesday that the island has been little impacted by the strike.

The Bureau also insisted that the strike, now in its 13th day, is having very little impact on the island’s tourism sector.

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