Minister Marion Hall Claps Back At Queen Ifrica: “She Needs To Check What’s In Her Weed”

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Minister Marion Hall is clapping back at reggae singer Queen Ifrica who, last week, called her confused, following a weekend sermon where Hall embraced her “titty dem” in the midst of criticism about her fashion.

Though she wished to avoid the “noise,” Hall said she’s no pushover and will not turn the other cheek in the face of disrespect.

“She need to check what’s in her weed, what’s in her ganja, because she sounds like a stupid, high, fool,” the I’m Doing Better singer said in a prayer session on Wednesday. “God forgive me but, you know, for real, you need to check what you’re smoking and check who you’re talking to because you’re out of your mind… You lose a couple screws or your head get chip cause you’re not addressing me.”

In a TikTok video, Ifrica posited that Hall’s 2015 baptism was fear-driven and that she wasn’t ready to leave Dancehall as Lady Saw. She added that Hall’s return to Reggae Sumfest in July is symbolic of her return to the secular world and encouraged her to make amends with her former mentee Spice. 



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“Why you a come talk seh a fi yuh titty dem and a fi yuh batty?” Ifrica asked.

“Lowe di girl now. She do her body and she do what she do to herself and she really try fi move on from it, so, no badda come join back the line with no titty and breast argument… Come call Spice, mek it up with Spice and unno set back Dancehall pon the female side and mek the man dem see seh Dancehall can set pon the female side and unno can have real love and real unity.”

Spice and D’Angel recently reconciled, but Hall has long said that she harbors no ill-feelings towards anyone, including Spice.

She shut down talk of her returning to “Lady Saw” and maintained her stance that God is putting her in secular spaces to win souls for Him.

“You a open up your ugly mouth like people ‘fraid a you… The way you blaspheme against God, is not God create you. I think is a grill man mek yuh, that’s why your face looks like iron… I’m a dancehall artist, I’m a pop artist, I’m a gospel artist, I’m a reggae artist. I do all genres of music. Mi never know a you control dancehall. Yuh control the gates of hell. Go back and stand up at that gate,” Hall said.

Minister Marion Hall

Just like Ifrica had earlier claimed to be the peacemaker between Hall and Spice, Hall made some claims of her own, particularly that she used to check in on Ifrica when she was allegedly in an abusive relationship.

“You become a mix-up, vulgar woman,” she said. “You’re so vulgar and brawling that I wonder if that’s why your man used to slap you up on the street like that… The last time I was calling and checking on you but you need somebody else to check on you now… Check your weed and see if other things in it. See if some coke in it because yuh off.”

She suggested that Ifrica keep a low profile, though the Times Like These singer just returned to social media after almost three years. 

Queen Ifrica

“Go back in the corner because you were away, out in the corner like you were confused, and you come back a new person, but this new person is surely not what people were expecting. You degraded yourself. You downgraded yourself… You’re loud and vulgar and you just cantankerous as if something is wrong… Get yourself out of mix-up and go back to who you were or who we thought you were when we used to respect you.”

Drained of drama, Hall told her congregation that she’ll be lessening her social media presence and halting her Sunday sermons, but that she’ll continue her Wednesday sessions to rally financial support for 2000 Bibles she hopes to give away at Reggae Sumfest.