Stefflon Don Details The Cause Of Her Beef With Jada Kingdom

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Jada Kingdom, Stefflon Don

London-based Jamaican artist Stefflon Don says her and Jada Kingdom’s relationship soured due to a misunderstanding over a collaboration. The two artists had a massive beef at the start of this year, trading insults at each other and their personal lives.

However, the entire thing could have been avoided if either party had acted early to clear up an innocent misunderstanding. In an interview, Stefflon Don revealed that she and Jada were “cool” before the beef, and she didn’t care about the rumors that the “Win” singer and Burna Boy, her ex-boyfriend, had been involved.

Jada was linked to Burna Boy late last year and appeared to celebrate his birthday with him in the Netherlands. However, in one of her diss tracks to Stefflon, she described Burna as for the streets but shared that he bought her expensive gifts like a Birkin bag.

“We used to be cool, and the situation that happened made me not even care what he (Burna Boy) was doing, so what’s the problem?” Stefflon Don.

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don

Of course, I didn’t care. We were never friends, you know, and she was never like my home girl. We’ve linked once or twice. I said in the song, “…my man, a box you fi get,” I said my man, not my ex,” she said.

As for rekindling with Jada Kingdom, Stefflon Don said there was nothing to rekindle as Jada stopped talking to her prior to the beef.

“We stopped talking anyway because she asked me to jump on a tune, and I took long or something. I think the (Jada’s) producer maybe wanted me on the song as well, so she wanted to, and the producer said to ask how much she charges, and I said my fee, but I was like I was thinking it can’t be for that same song, I’m not gonna charge you for that same song. But I took long because sometimes I’m all over the place. Do you know what I mean? I have a million things to do, and ever after that, just before the situation with my man, she messaged me and said ‘link up’,” Stefflon said.

Despite the nasty lyrical beef between the artists, Stefflon says she wishes Jada well in her career and compliments her as a “dope” artist.

“I wish her the best in her career and stuff, and I feel like she’s a dope artist, and it’s really not that deep,” she said about the beef.

Stefflon Don is currently promoting the release of her album, ‘Island 54’.

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