Taiwan angles for the big fish


By Jens Kastner TAIPEI – More than 50 Taiwanese fishing boats escorted by 12 coastal patrol ships entered disputed waters in the East China Sea on Tuesday, triggering a brief exchange of water-cannon shots with Japan Coast Guard ships. This was Taiwan’s first high-profile foray into the waters near the disputed uninhabited islands – called Diaoyutai in Taiwan, Diaoyu Islands in mainland China and Senkaku Islands in Japan – since the Japanese government bought them from their private owners two weeks ago to “nationalize” them. China, Taiwan and Japan all claim sovereignty over the islands, which are controlled by Japan. By taking the high-profile action of sending 12 patrol ships to escort…

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Profile: Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe, 58, is the new leader of Japan's opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Six years ago he was flying high, becoming Japan's youngest prime minister since World War II in September 2006. But he stepped down less than a year later, citing ill health, as support for his administration […]