Teejay Says He Blocked A Dancehall Artist After They Requested US$5,000 For A Feature

The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Dancehall artist Teejay says some of his compatriots have tried to charge him up to US$5,000 to collaborate with him on his long-awaited debut album.

The From Rags To Riches artist was speaking on the International Talk Podcast, when he spilled the beans about Jamaican entertainers who were only willing to hop on a verse for a pretty penny. 

“Inna Dancehall right now, me Teejay link Dancehall artist an’ seh, ‘yow, yuh know mi ah do wah album, mi woulda need yuh on dis verse’ an’ dem tell mi US$5,000,” he said during the sit-down, much to the surprise of the host DJ Norie and Grammy Award-winning singer Shaggy, who was also present. 

“Ah swear to God! US$5,000, an’ mi seh, weh him jus’ seh?! Weh him really jus seh?… Mi start feel like Vybz Kartel now and mi start seh hey bwoy, only Africa an’ Japan mi nuh guh yet,” Teejay said, adding that he unfollowed and blocked the unnamed artist.

Ironically, Teejay said that Shaggy—one of the most successful Jamaican artists of all time—has collaborated with him for free on their single Gyal Dem Time.

During the interview, Teejay also pointed out that only recently was he acknowledged by one of the new-age Dancehall artists, noting that many of the others believe they are in another league from him.

“Di other day I was doing Sandz wid Rick Ross dem and there was Bayka, the artist from Jamaica (him) have how much song pon TikTok an’ him ah gwaan good inna Jamaica an’ in di streets. Bayka ah di only artist weh walk come to mi an’ seh, ‘yow Teejay, respect! Ah first mi ah hail yuh up an’ ting’ an mi seh ‘Bayka, respect for that. You’re di first artist weh buss after pandemic to do dis. Nobody else.’ Everybody think dem betta dan Teejay, but nobody eva done a passport before?” he asked rhetorically.

Earlier in the discussion, Teejay also reflected on how he is often overlooked for his contributions to the Dancehall space.

“Nuff time mi feel like people nuh really give mi di credit, like you know, underrated vibe. But, wi still keep on work same way,” he said.


Shaggy suggested that being underrated may be due to intimidation from other artists who subtly feel insecure.

“The people that they don’t give credit are the people that to me they fear the most,” Shaggy said.

“A man might not wanna give you that because he knows that that’s that dude. That’s the problem right there. The guy that is not a problem that they don’t fear they’re gonna be like you know what, complementaries to that guy. It’s not a fear,” the It Wasn’t Me singer added.

Teejay had promised that his Rags To Riches album would be released in August 2021. During an interview on the SunVibes Show in June of that year, the deejay said he had confirmed one international collaboration and had hoped to add more. Teejay said Rygin KingSkillibengJada Kingdom, and Dexta Daps, along with producers Damage Musiq and Slingaz, would have formed part of the project.

The St. James native split from Romeich Entertainment to join Sharon Burke’s Solid Agency in 2021.

His latest song is Drift.