Top 5 Things You Can Purchase With Bitcoin


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Nov.
11, 2019:
By now,
everyone will have heard of Bitcoin. It’s the world’s leading cryptocurrency
and often makes the news or trends on social media. As a digital currency,
Bitcoin can be used to buy goods and services in the online world. This has
become increasingly widespread with millions of consumers all over the world being
able to easily assess the likes of Luno
Bitcoin wallet
purchase near enough anything. Therefore, we then began to think of what would
be the top five really cool things you can buy right now with it? Here goes:


Gold is an excellent product to
purchase with Bitcoin for multiple reasons. One of the first being stability.
As everyone knows, the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is volatile,
meaning that it can, at times, be somewhat of a risky investment. Gold, on the
other hand, is a safe bet when it comes to investing, providing security
against uncertainty for the most part. And, who wouldn’t like to say they
purchased some gold, right?

Flights Around The World

Do you dream of living that jet setter
lifestyle you associate with celebrities and high rollers? Well, with Bitcoin,
you can. Users can pay for flights of any kind from one side of the world to
another, and they can even travel business class. Travelling is undoubtedly one
of the greatest things you can do in your lifetime, and Bitcoin will come in
handy for flights to iconic locations such as LA and Shanghai.


Yes, you read that right, you can now purchase property with Bitcoin. Real estate is one of the fastest
moving and most interesting industries in the world, and often a place where
investors use their wealth. Therefore, it will come as no surprise to hear that
properties around the globe are now being bought and sold using the number one
cryptocurrency on the planet. It’s the ideal solution for many, as it makes
transactions a hell of a lot more convenient.


Whether you prefer a Lambo, Rolls,
Bugatti, Ferrari or Bentley, one thing is for sure; you no longer must pay
using fiat currency when coming to buy one. Yes, we understand that supercars
cost a lot of money, but for anyone who has enough Bitcoin to their name, they’re
equally as affordable. And now, thanks to online platforms, supercars can be purchased using
BTC, from several dealers. So, while you may be able to afford to by an Austin
Martin using your local currency, why not show off a bit and pay with Bitcoin?


Whether it’s jewelry for him, or her,
the great news is that you can use Bitcoin to buy it. Whatever you’re looking
for, from rings through to chains and charms, you’ll be able to purchase it
from an abundance of retailers online using BTC, making it the perfect way to
shop for gifts for loved ones. If you’ve got some Bitcoin spare, why not check
out a few online jewelry retailers and see what luxurious pieces you can buy
with it, especially if there’s a birthday or Christmas on the horizon.

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