Trump’s America – Episode # 43 – Turkey In The White House – A Scary Thanksgiving Story


Gobble, Gobble; Run For Your Life

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Nov. 22, 2017: What another monster episode and for Thanksgiving.

Sorry I don’t make the “news;” just write about it.

Yes, this is my annual Thanksgiving episode with a scary twist. For the last 6 years for Thanksgiving, I featured the turkeys the President traditionally pardons for the Holiday and they go on to live long lives of turkey luxury. President Barack Obama did it until this year.

President Trump did the same today, Tuesday before Thanksgiving …

Here is our media partner The New York Times …

“It began with a familiar pledge: President Trump’s audience, he promised, was going to be very proud of him.”

“Mr. Trump looked upon the crowd in the Rose Garden and announced his decision: The animal was pardoned for the crime of being born a turkey.”

Yes the crime of being born a turkey!

“I feel so good about myself,” the President said softly, appraising his own clemency, laying a hand on the bird after seeking permission to touch it from turkey professionals.”

What President Trump did not tell the audience and the nation is that for the first time ever, we have a real TURKEY in The White House occupying The Oval Office – with his beak on the nuclear button and so much power.

So why is this Thanksgiving different than all other Thanksgivings?

Turkey in The White House! Turkey in The White House!

Let’s get back to President Trump’s profound remarks at the turkey pardoning ceremony in the Rose Garden … his most profound EVER …

“Mr. Trump looked upon the crowd in the Rose Garden and announced his decision: The animal was pardoned for the crime of being born a turkey.”

“Yes the crime of being born a turkey!” President Trump said it.
The CRIME of being born into a situation in which abuse and death and a lack of opportunity are one’s fate to satisfy those with power and money. If you were a poultry turkey of course that is how you would look at life.

You are doomed; your neck will be cut off to be “waked” on someone’s table.

Indeed a turkey’s life is a very good analogy for too much of human life. And our Rich Turkey President  is oblivious to the larger meaning of  his scripted statement Tuesday; pardoning two turkeys before flying off to a Billionaire’s Thanksgiving in Florida ….

“The animal was pardoned for the crime of being born a turkey.”

IMAGINE if President Trump was thoughtful – yes farfetched I know – and while flying in ultimate luxury to Florida on Air Force One President Trump had a religious awakening …. WAIT A MINUTE – and he says …….

It is not only turkeys who suffer for the “crime of being born.”

No, in fact many, many millions of women, children and men even here in the “enlightened” 21st century suffer and die “for the crime of being born” in the wrong place, or being poor, or being sick, or being hungry, or being abused, or being enslaved, or being bombed on for no reason at all.

There is no doubt Donald Trump has NEVER listened to BBC Radio, especially late at night, since he is instead of tweeting mindlessly. If he did, he might appreciate all of the endless suffering all over the world for “the crime of being born.”

Or that President Trump would appreciate the exact opposite he and especially the 1% benefit and the 10% too for the “privilege of being born” into a wealthy family, or going to the best schools, or having the right friends in high places, or scamming others for profit.

IMAGINE if President Trump admitted to himself and the nation that “being born” plays the largest part of all in determining your fate. The fact that some escape their birth “fate” simply proves its significance.

IMAGINE if President Trump admitted this. He would be forced to become a very different person and a President who understood and would work hard to ELIMINATE both the disadvantage and the privilege of birth. So that one’s birth does not any longer turn life into a game of chance.

A game of chance is NOT the meritocracy we want to believe in and sell the rest of the world while in reality many live lives of desperation like turkeys.

Enlightenment will never happen with a scary Turkey in The White House.

Gobble, Gobble; run for your life for “the crime of being born.”

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(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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