Venezuela in Dilemma Over Hiking World’s Cheapest Fuel


Reuters CARACAS— President Nicolas Maduro is mulling a politically risky move to raise highly-subsidized gasoline prices in Venezuela for the first time in 17 years, but he may be put off for now by fears of a social backlash. With 95 octane gas on sale for less than two U.S. cents a liter, most motorists can fill up for under $1. That’s less than a small bottle of drinking water. Pump attendants often end up with a bigger tip than the cost of the fuel. Subsidizing the world’s cheapest gasoline costs the South American OPEC member about $12.5 billion a year, the government says. With its…

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Rihanna Goes High-Fashion Grandma For 'Tush' -

Urban Islandz

Rihanna Goes High-Fashion Grandma For 'Tush'
Just when you thought Rihanna couldn't become any more of a fashion icon, the sartorial innovator/risk-taker went and did the unthinkable—even for her—for her Tush magazine cover and spread. No, it doesn't involve tush—unlike her shoot for Lui ...
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Rihanna Goes All White For Tush Magazine CoverUrban Islandz
Rihanna Channels Her Inner Storm From X-Men in a White Wig for Her Latest
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