Chrisean Rock Loses Half A Million Followers After Latest Blueface Stunt

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Some fans are crediting Blueface’s incarceration for Chrisean Rock being unusually quiet on social media. However, after losing almost half a million of her followers across Instagram and X, the usually rowdy reality star appears to have quieted down her antics.

For a while, it appeared that every week there was some new insane story about Chrisean Rock and her controversial baby daddy, Blueface, that sometimes involved his baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis. The last stunt that Rock pulled off was getting a new face tattoo of the “Thotiana” rapper, and she received heavy backlash for it.

Blueface even admitted that he is the star of their story, and without him, none of the shenanigans would be happening. Perhaps he was right about that all along because now that he has been incarcerated for probation violation, things seem awfully quiet in the circus.

Since she shared a video of the tattoo almost a month ago, Chrisean Rock lost 400,000 followers on Instagram and tens of thousands of followers on X as some fans openly criticized her for it. Fans appear to reach witts end with Chrisean following weeks of her crying on social media and even covering up her original tattoos of the rapper. Many fans sympathized with her, particularly as she raised her son Chrisean Jr. and appeared to be turning a new page over the Christmas holidays.

A few days before debuting the tattoo, Rock announced that she was moving back into Blueface’s home while he served time behind bars. The Los Angeles rapper will remain incarcerated until around June this year for violating his probation.

In responding to fans suggesting that Blueface’s incarceration is why she has been quiet on social media, Chrisean says she took a deliberate break from being online to focus on a project that she is working on.

“Yeah I took break from the socials because I’m putting my energy into my next projects fr and all dat negativity shit be not even my Bob right now my next move gon be my best move,” she wrote on X.

Her fans on the platform have been very vocal in sharing their feelings about her, especially since the tattoo stunt. “Nobody cares what you got going like that anymore can’t you see that?? All the money in the world can’t hide the nature of a person. You changed ppl ain’t feeling that sh*t,” one fan responded.